Knowledge Is Power

Retirement seminars to help empower your decision-making.

We hold two types of informational seminars throughout the year, each providing a unique look into planning for retirement.

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Upcoming Events

Tue 07

Dinner Seminar

November 7
Thu 09

Dinner Seminar

November 9

Retirement Elevated Class:

A 100% unbiased educational class focused on the five pillars of retirement planning. The road to retirement can be bumpy. Along the way you will have questions – lots of them. This 5 hours course provides answers to many of the questions pre-retirees and retirees struggle with, particularly in the areas of: income planning, investment planning, tax planning, estate planning and healthcare. Get objective, unbiased and up-to-the minute guidance without financial product or service sales pitches.
Materials fee: $49.00

Dinner Seminars:

Not having a plan in place could end up being a costly mistake. The seminar is designed to help inform and inspire you to work towards a comfortable financial and retirement future. Our complimentary 1 hour seminar is also an opportunity for you to get to know us and better understand our approach.

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